7 Principles for Wealth Creation

I am a member of three different communities for entrepreneurs. Apart from the invaluable support of being surrounded by like-minded people who often hold you to a standard higher than what you perceive yourself to be at, observing others teaches me so much about the process of wealth creation.   

Here’s the thing:

Everybody may receive the same technical training and most people even implement the training step-by-step, but not everybody enjoys the same type of success. What then makes the difference, I ask myself?

Is there an X-Factor?

It’s simple – it’s an abundant mindset.

Principle No 1: Abundance consciousness

The first KEY to attracting wealth and prosperity is cultivating an abundant mindset. Luckily, there are strategies or principles that you can adopt if a perception of abundance does not happen naturally for you.

For many living and ordinary life, or worse – struggling to make ends meet, it may be easy to live via the five
senses and experience a sense of lack in the face of sensory evidence.

It takes discipline to train your brain to notice and focus on the abundance in your life, despite the apparent reality of unpaid bills etc. Here’s the thing – energy flows where attention goes and if we focus on the lack, this is what we will create more of.

A scarcity or poverty consciousness is toxic when it comes to creating wealth. It takes only a little poison to kill.

A related concept is that of perceived risk. Unfortunately, the part of our brain which is programmed for survival perceives risk-taking as a threat and since its no 1 priority is your survival, it would do all it can to persuade you to avoid any potential risk associated with creating wealth. This type of security consciousness is part of the scarcity consciousness syndrome.

TIP: Write down 10 things every day that you are grateful for right now.

Principle No 2: Notice opportunities

Once you have cultivated an abundant consciousness, it will become easier to notice the opportunities that already exist all around you. There is a prerequisite:

You have to be tuned into the right frequency to see opportunities.

This means your vibration needs to be at a certain frequency to be able to notice opportunities. This is why some people see problems where others see opportunities. Ask yourself if there is a different way you can perceive a situation?

Tip: Research what people’s needs and burning questions are.

Principle No 3: Take responsibility for your own wealth – no excuses.

Remember that excuses do not affect the laws of nature. It does not affect the law of vibration and the law of attraction.

Make your biggest excuse the no 1 reason what you should succeed.

For example – if you think that you have no time to start a business of your own, this is exactly why you should start a business of your own.

Principle No 4: Feel worthy of success.

It may require some studying of yourself to understand who you are and why the universe wants you to succeed. You may need to remove some blockages, for example, unhelpful limiting beliefs about money.

Become self-reliant and empowered and take responsibility for your financial success.


Principle No 5: Obliterate fear and trust the process.

Old beliefs and habits may cause you to feel afraid: Fear of the unknown, fear of failure or success, fear of taking risks…the list goes on.  Fear causes you to think that you have to wait for “the right circumstances”.

Only action eliminates fear.

Do not make decisions based on fear. Ignore the fear.  Don’t pay attention to it. Feel the fear and do it anyway – without thinking too much. Taking action results in transformed energy.

TIP: Start each day completing your most important tasks – those that will create the biggest positive effect for achieving your goal (20/80 rule).

Principle No 6: Action sets apart those who succeed.

When you build your image of what you want and hold it with your will on the screen of your mind, the universe will provide the people, circumstances, and conditions to make your dream come true, but you have to take action.

Principle No 7: Giving is receiving

Abundance not only refers to financial success of cause, but to a state of mind and metaphysical laws of nature.
Abundance is our natural state. Through your generosity of spirit, you can increase your sense of abundance by giving in every moment. Leave everyone you come in contact with, with the impression of increase.

Tip: Give in the form of a smile or an authentic compliment


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