About Us

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2014 with the loss of my job and my career as I knew it. I think the universe “forced” those circumstances upon me, as I would have never walked away from my former life if it weren’t for my wrong judgment and decisions which lead to such unfortunate circumstances at the time.

The fact was that I had been living an inauthentic life for some time, resulting in symptoms of anxiety and depression. From the outside, I appeared to have been successful – I had been a practicing psychologist for almost twenty years. I worked with a challenging clientele and reached an authoritative and well-paid position in middle management.

When all of this came tumbling down, I felt very afraid and lost. I did not know who I was since my identity was completely wrapped in my professional career. I had to re-invent myself, and in the process, since I wanted to walk down the path of authenticity, I also had to leave my marriage.

I was in a dark place – lost career, no independent income, a failed marriage, two young children to raise and set an example for.

How does one come back from this? How does one re-invent yourself? I had to delve deep.

What “Designer Lives” and my other self-help sites offer you is the result of the knowledge, systems, and ideas I utilized in my own healing. I managed to bounce back and I’m still re-inventing every day.

My wish for you is to take this material and build your own dream. Design and build your life the way you really, really want it. It can be done – even after the traditional midlife.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to buy into circumstances that you don’t agree with. You can stay in control of YOU and you can out-create those circumstances.