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The Self-Confidence Formula

“It is not who you are that holds you back, it is who you think you are not.” Sandy Gallagher   In my previous career, I suffered from “imposter syndrome”. I discovered later that this was apparently a common phenomenon in that professionals at some point in their career experience feelings of inadequacy coupled with […]

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7 Principles for Wealth Creation

I am a member of three different communities for entrepreneurs. Apart from the invaluable support of being surrounded by like-minded people who often hold you to a standard higher than what you perceive yourself to be at, observing others teaches me so much about the process of wealth creation.    Here’s the thing: Everybody may receive […]

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What Makes for a Good Life?

In this Tedx talk, Robert Waldinger reveals where you should put your time and energy if you want to invest in a healthy and happy life. Robert is a psychiatrist, a Zen practitioner and director of the Harvard study of Adult Development at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He teaches at the Harvard Medical School.

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